Friday, April 8, 2011


Another month goes by and before you know it, we're entering the 2nd quarter of 2011!

As promised, Editor's Pick is offering original Victoria's Secret body mist, body lotion, body wash n lipgloss. Plenty to choose from our favourite collections such as BEAUTY RUSH, SECRET MOMENTS and SECRET GARDENS!

Take your pick today AND for a special SURPRISE, Editor's Pick will be offering a few limited edition Victoria's Secret signature pink boxes for purchases above RM250*.


Appletini 250ml
APPLETINI scented skin conditioner & fragrance mix
PRICE: RM59.90 (postage included)

Merry Magic 250ml
Candied Apple & White Musk

CANDY scented skin conditioner & fragrance mix
PRICE: RM59.90 (postage included)

Beauty Rush
Berry Cosmo 200ml
Beautilicious super-soft skin conditioner also known as Body Drink Lotion

PRICE: RM59.90 (postage included)

Mango Temptation
FRESH fruity scented ultra moisturizing hand & body cream
RM59.90 (postage included)


And here are some of your favourites, just newly stocked!

Beauty Rush Lip Gloss
13g Lip Gloss with SPF15
Available in Tropicool, Shineberry, Kiwiberry and Cherry Bomb
PRICE: RM39.90 (postage included)

Secret Garden Fresh Collection 250ml
Only Leave Me Breathless & Almost Nude available
PRICE: RM50 (postage included)

Secret Moments - Wild At Heart
Sheer Fragrance Mist 250ml
Tease of sensual vanilla and musk

PRICE: RM50 (postage included)

Secret Moments - At First Sight
Sheer Fragrance Mist 250ml
Romantic violet & bergamot scent for soft, touchable skin
PRICE: RM50 (postage included)

also available;

Nourishing Body Cream 200ml - RM59.90
Daily Body Wash 250ml - RM59.90


Get ALL THREE for only RM150!